Monday, April 13, 2015

Where do you live?

    Does your child know his/her personal information?  Full name, Phone number, house number and street? This is all important information that your child should already be familiar with. 
    Today we put all the information about where we live together.... and we could see how it all fit together! 
    Each person lives on  "my street... in the city of Winnipeg... in our province of Manitoba... in our country called North America".   We also decided where some of the other places that people knew fit in......or not  (like........ Dauphin, Mexico, Orlando, Cuba, Neepawa, Brandon, Gladstone, Elkhorn, Texas, Grand Forks, United States, the lake)
Our new Star of the Week shared his posted with us today.
 Puzzle time with the caterpillar....
  Putting the abc's in order....

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