Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day. We have learned different ways we can do our part to help the Earth.
Today many of the lights were turned off at our school to save energy. Our hallways were pretty dark! Our room is very dark without the lights turned on. So....we spent the first part of our day downstairs in the big lunch room. It has sunlight coming in from the windows down there so we could do some activities- even with the lights turned out.

Today our visiting artist/potter, Mrs. Jenn McCurry - from brought back our clay birds nests, eggs, and bird. She had fired them in her kiln. Today we used a special paint called "glaze" to paint the fired clay. It was a bit confusing, because the colours didn't look exactly like they would once our art was fired once again. But we figured it out (we think!)

Today was our Library Day.  Mr. W.  read us a picture book - with no words - on the Smart Board.

  Sharing time....

Please check the note in your child's red communication folder regarding our field trip tomorrow.

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