Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Fall Leaf Pattern Crown

Yesterday we coloured a row of leaves in fall colours. We practiced holding a crayon correctly, staying inside the lines, and colouring in the white spaces. We wanted to make a pattern with the colours we chose. Today we cut the leaves apart (using our scissor skills) and glued them in a pattern to make a crown!!

Monday, September 29, 2014

Bus Ridership

Today Bus Driver Bob stopped by our school to teach all classes about how to ride the bus safely. We learned about how to sit properly and safely, the 4 different ways to exit the bus in case of an emergency, and we also got to practice exiting the bus safely from the back door!!!!  Some other points were....
  • do not go behind the bus (Daytonna)
  • do not go under the bus (Annalynn)
  • wait until the bar comes out to cross in front (whole class contribution)
  • do not go in the danger zone (Remington)
  • don't jump out of the back door... (Grace)
    • ....unless there is an emergency! (Sophie)

Of course today was a great day to sing the song 
"The Wheels On the Bus".
And we did a Smart Board activity where we had to identify the number and put that many people on the bus!!

Friday, September 26, 2014

Terry Fox

During the period before lunch, we ran around the field in support of Terry Fox. We ran to remember Terry Fox's Marathon of Hope and help raise money for cancer research. Before the run, we talked about how brave he was to run so far everyday as he set out to run across Canada and collect money to help the Doctors find a medicine to help cure cancer (a sickness).  One student commented... "Terry Fox must have been a nice gentleman".  We watched a little video, too.

Just wanted to share that...... 
 Today during the run, one little girl asked..... 
"Are we going to keep walking until we find Terry Fox?"  
We didn't find him, but we all did a little something to keep his memory alive and help donate to research to find a cure!! 
Thank you to everyone who sent in a donation!!

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Write Around the Room

Today we did an activity called "Write Around the Room". Everyone got a clipboard, paper, and pencil and were detectives looking all over our room for words to copy onto their paper. Everyone was very engaged in this activity and did a terrific job copying words, and even telling other people some of the words that they had copied. (This would be a great activity to try at home!)

****************  Lovely day outside at recess. HOT!!! *******************************

Don't forget the Terry Fox Run is tomorrow!!!  All donations will be given to the Terry Fox Foundation !!

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Fall counting

Yesterday was the first day of "fall". We have read some stories about fall/autumn the past couple days. We have identified some signs of fall, talked about fall colours, and sang some songs about fall.

One of our activities today was identifying numbers on the leaves and counting out that many counters (or dots as we like to call them.)

We also practiced drawing the corresponding number of leaves on our paper. 

Today was Day 5 so it was our turn to go to the library. Mr. W. (librarian) said "Thank you" to everyone for returning their library books on time. Everybody was able to sign out a new book today!!  YEAH !!  

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

Chicka Chicka Boom Boom .... continued

Today we each made our own paper coconut tree. Then we had to find the (foam sticker) letters that spell our name and place the stickers on the tree. We counted how many letters in our name, too.  
(Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, Will there be enough room? _____________ has ___ letters in his name.)

  We played a game that combined Alphabet Bingo with detective work!!  We worked together to find the first letter of the name of each student in our class! 

  These two students worked together at the Smart Board to put both the UPPERCASE and lowercase letters of the alphabet in order on the coconut tree!