Thursday, October 31, 2013

Happy Halloween!

These are the jack-o-lanterns we made yesterday

Today we sorted our costumes.  We had….


…….witches, wizards, crayons, and strawberries.

This one said her name was "Mrs. Clown-eee. "!!! …….hmmmm

watching the costume parade in the gym
dancing to a Halloween song!!!
PARENTS:   all students are bringing home a flasher for them to wear during trick or treating. Please check your child's bag.

Tomorrow for SPIRIT WEEK… it is "throw a pie at a teacher" school fundraiser day. For  $5.00, you can throw a pie at a teacher. Really!!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Another busy day...

check out our CRAZY HAIR !!
GUESS WHO CAME TO VISIT US TODAY ??? ……..It was baby Jacob and his mom.

We all sit around the green "Roots of Empathy" blanket, and baby Jacob goes in the middle

We wondered if he would notice the sounds from the toy, or if he would try to grab it. We want to know what kind of milestones he has made since his last visit. We also talked about how babies could be comforted when they cry.
scary-crazy hair!!!

We practiced a little children's rhyme,  as we tickled our partners hand during the rhyme. We need to learn how to read people's emotions and feelings - through body language and facial expression- to know if they like it or not!!!

He helped comfort the "Roots of Empathy" doll  during story time.

                               Halloween Bingo

"Look!  I copied this design using the little blocks!"  
These children shared something that is "orange". Public speaking can be very scary, but they did an awesome job!

Tuesday, October 29, 2013


Today we carved a

"HOW did it feel to scoop out the insides?"
Comments included:
-- it feels gooey!
--it feels like sticky goop!
--it feels disgusting!!!

TA-DA !!!!
We all made a little book, about a mouse who had a pumpkin -- and carved it into a
jack-o-lantern. We had to put the pictures in the correct sequence to tell the story -- and make sure it made sense!
"Tell us about something that is….. ORANGE. "

Thursday, October 24, 2013

Through the eyes of our boys....

Today the boys each took a turn at finding something to take a photo of with the iPad. Here are their photos.... through the eyes of our boys.....

These children showed and told us about their brown "animals"

Reminder: Tomorrow is a provincial teacher inservice. There is no school. 

Spirit Week--School fundraiser next week

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Why do babies cry?

Mrs. Macdonnel, the Resource Teacher, came to visit us today (for the "Roots of Empathy" program). Today some of the things we learned include: ...... Why do babies cry?.....What might they need?.....How do they communicate?..... How do we respond to their crying?.... How would we hold a baby to comfort them?

"We brought something brown to show and tell everyone about!"

Our school has accepted the challenge of BAG UP-MANITOBA ---- to collect plastic bags -- for recycling!  If you have any plastic bags that you don't need, please send them to school. Thanks!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013


This morning we had a visit from an author/illustrator -- Fredrika Vander Graff White. She told us a little about how she goes about making her books, then she read us one of her published stories, called A Bug's Dream. 

Here we are listening to the story.

Mrs. Mitchell (Speech Language Pathologist) also came to visit us today. Some of us listened to a story and then used little objects that helped us retell the story in our own words.
We learned how to draw a pumpkin. Then we mixed red and yellow paint..... and what do you think happened???
We got ORANGE !!

This week, we are sharing something that is .... BROWN