Friday, January 18, 2019

6 and 7

Here are some things we know about the number 7!

and from yesterday.... things we know about the number 6

This little author was making his own book today. He was the author and illustrator of a great book!

The train track got a lift today... some lego blocks helped make it into a bridge!

We were playing the "Welcome to Kindergarten" app on the iPad.

Sharing Time

Thursday, January 17, 2019

How to build a snowman

What do you know about the number 5? These are some of the things that the kids in Room 7 know about the number 5! 

--- 5 dots on dominoes and 5 dots on a die -----
We made a chart today!!

Group activity -- Then we put these sequencing cards in order .... and used our words to orally tell the story
Sequencing activity -- steps to build a snowman

Snowman puzzle time

Sharing Time

Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Partner Reading & KFC

We have been practicing how to read to a partner. Today we read a new story called "The Snowman". Everyone did a good job of sitting beside their partner and reading together!

Kindergarten Focus Centres.... (ask your child to tell you what each activity was about!)
Today we practiced a Lockdown. Everyone did a good job of sitting quietly in our classroom with the lights off, while we waited for notice that the Lockdown was over.
Sharing time.... things that start with /w/

Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Four = 4

Today we brainstormed everything we know about the number "4". Here's what we came up with. (click on it to see a bigger picture)

We found.... 4 dots on dice, and 4 dots on the dominoes (in a couple different arrangements)

a few photos from the lunch supervisor-- during indoor recess (after the kids ate lunch)
Sharing Time... something that starts with a /w/ sound

Monday, January 14, 2019

Star of the Week and block letters

Our Star of the Week was excited to share his All About Me chart today. And don't forget about his talking stuffy "Chewbacca"! That was pretty interesting, too!

This young man was busy at the white board during centre time today. He wrote all the numbers from 1-100!! WOW!

There's a few photos to go along with the next story.....
This fellow was busy with the blocks...spelling the words "on" and "Hi!"....
 .....Then he teamed up with a friend to spell "ing"....

..... and then they decided to add a letter /s/ to the beginning of "ing" to spell "sing".....

....and then they built some more block letters, and added a couple letters from the train letters (/H/ and /M/)...... to spell "Sing WitH ME".  Isn't that exciting to see?!

These girls were playing a snowman game. Roll the die, and cover that numeral on the snowman.

Music Class.... Singing a Rainbow song

The note below went home today.