Thursday, April 16, 2015

All kinds of paper!

Thank you to all the families who sent in some paper samples! We had a wide variety to explore!

This afternoon we did an experiment to see how strong a construction paper bridge could be. First we used a flat paper. Our paper bridge collapsed after only 4 pennies were placed on it. The flat paper was not very strong at all.  But then....
.....we folded the same paper in an accordion fold or fan style.  Like this...
Then we started putting pennies on it and counted as we went. We were getting tired counting! .......... 
.........Finally, after 247 pennies, our bridge collapsed!  WOW!  IT sure held a lot of pennies! We were SO surprised how a folded paper could be that much stronger than a flat paper!!!! Then we checked out some cardboard, and noticed the little folded paper inside the flat sheets of paper. 
We also sorted some types of paper by different kinds of characteristics. Some of the vocabulary we used included.. thin, thick, hard, soft, smooth, rough, pliable, absorbent. 

Our Jets Fans cheering on the Winnipeg Jets Hockey team.... GO JETS!

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  1. Wow kindergarten! I was impressed by your science experiment! I knew that corregated cardboard was strong, but I didn't think that the little piece of folded construction paper could hold so many pennies!

    1. HI! We were also surprised how many pennies that folded paper could hold.
      From Room 7