Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth Day/Museum Activities

This is our Earth Day activity displayed in the hallway. Each person painted an "earth", which is being held by a cut out of their hands. We also made a list of how every person - even kindergarten kids - can do our part to help the earth.

At the Children's Museum the other day, we made our very own paper! We had to wait for it to dry. Today we practiced writing on it with different kinds of writing tools. We observed that it was easier to write and read when we used a marker.

We also played a game of Earth Day Bingo. Here's a picture of the first person to say "BINGO!"

We also talked about some of the things we really enjoyed at the Children's Museum. It was hard to pick out just one or two things, because everything we did was fun!
Here's what the kids had to say:

"One of the things I liked was the..."
- slide -- Daisy, Kurth,Paityn, Lorin, Martina
- Lasagna Lookout (play structure) -- Michelle, Gia, Grace, Sebastian, Sophie
- water area -- Daytonna, Remington
- making paper activity-- Jayden
- milking the cow -- Xander
- disco lights -- Nikolai
- train -- Jace
- pin screen -- Annalynn


  1. Wow! Everybody's paper turned out great! We also love all of the Earths being held up by your hands- great job, Room 7!

    1. Hi! Thanks for the comment. We liked making the paper at the museum. A special little girl (you know who!) says, "I love you mommy!".