Sites We Like


This is a great site to play with letters, sounds, and words!
This site has a variety of games based on some of children's favourite characters.

This site has a variety of Kindergarten age activities, different subjects. Check it out!
 --- Our music teacher, Ms. Rempel, has also created a blog related to the music program here at Stevenson. Check it out! This is the blog for our school!!

What screen time does to our children's brains...(a must read for parents)

Skill areas (parent ideas from "Therapy Street for Kids")


  1. Doing a awesome job like always Mrs. Grant from Colins Dad

  2. Thank you very much. I appreciate your comment and kind words. Colin will be excited to know you left a comment. Have a nice week!
    From Mrs. Grant

  3. by Eve Hello everyone! I really miss all my classmates and teachers! we went on a field trip to sobeys and I learned how to buy pizza ingregients. now I want to shop with all my friends :)
    bye for now!
    p.s: Hi Mrs.Grant!!! love, Mia