Friday, December 20, 2013

Happy Holidays!!

Here's some more photos of us (from yesterday) eating our gingerbread that ran away…. but then came back!

Colin spelled EXIT on the light brite--- all by himself!  Way to go,
Colin! Good thinking!

The Christmas surprise we made for our parents…. we can't tell you what it is - because then it wouldn't be a surprise!  Merry Christmas!
We made a little treat for Santa's reindeer….. we will sprinkle this on the snow  by our house on Christmas Eve, and if the reindeer are hungry for a snack, they can eat our little treat we left for them….. if they're not hungry, they might just leave it for the other animals that visit our yard (bunnies, etc.)
Sharing Time today
Sharing day from Thursday
The goodies that we had today. Thank you to Geoffrey, Grady, Brianna, and Jayden for bringing in these treats!
Merry Christmas everyone!  Have a safe and happy holiday!  Back to school on January 6th, 2014 at 8:40 AM.  See you then!

Our Pandas --- all done the winter concert and ready to go home for the night (on Wednesday, Dec. 18th) Well done, everyone!

Thursday, December 19, 2013

Oh no!! They ran away!

What a day! We have been reading different versions of the Gingerbread Man this month. Today, we were so excited to decorate gingerbread man cookies and eat them....BUT when we came back after lunch....they were GONE!!! Nathalie thought maybe they had "run away"....and she was right! They had left us a note, and this led us on an adventure around the school following the clues to try and find them. Eventually one clue led us back to our classroom---- and there they were! Yeah! We had caught up to them....and we didn't let them get away again! We decorated them and then ate them! We were as clever as the fox! Yummy!

they're gone….. but look…. they left a clue!!

hmmm…… not here anymore!

they left a clue in the office…. but they're gone already!

…... let's go check our room and see if they returned!!!

Yes!!! They came back….. now let's eat them!!!!

(More photos of us eating the yummy gingerbread men tomorrow……but for now, check out our Gingerbread Man video…...

Wednesday, December 18, 2013

Concert Day

Sharing time….. 

Today was our Concert Day. The K-3 performed during the afternoon concert and again during the evening concert. They did an awesome job! Way to go everyone!

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

getting ready…..

This week, students are allowed to bring whatever they'd like to for Sharing Time… but they must tell us what letter it starts with. 
This little girl in the middle helped her mom make caramel corn and she brought some in to show us. Someone asked her if everyone could taste it… and she said "YES"!  Everyone was so excited that she shared her "sharing item"…. and she had 2 bags of it! 
 It was yummy!! Thank you!

We are getting ready for the concert tomorrow. While we waited for our turn, we tried some dot-to-dots, matching sets to numbers, and other fun Christmas stuff!

Monday, December 16, 2013

2 more days until show time

Today we practiced our concert song in the gym. We are so excited... only 2 more days until our Winter Concert! We can't wait to show our families!   
 Reminder that there will be 2 shows... One at 1:30 PM (K-5) and one at 7:00 PM.(K-3 only)   See you Wednesday!

Friday, December 13, 2013

King Pig

    Today we read a book called KING PIG, by Nick Bland. It offered us a lot of discussion… basically about being nice to others and treating others with respect. 
Ask your child to tell you all about it. (Questions for discussion: What did King Pig do? How did he treat the sheep? How did the sheep feel about the way King Pig treated them? Could King Pig make the sheep like him?)
 Sharing today.....Something that starts with a  /t/ sound   

We have been talking a lot about what we need to wear to stay warm in this weather. This is what we came up with today….

Thursday, December 12, 2013

Christmas Patterns

Today for Sharing we had T is for …..Turtle….truck....tea pot

This little fellow presented his Sharing topic this afternoon. He told us T is for….. trees…..and he and his mom baked a LOT of trees! Not only did he show and tell us about this but he shared his  tasty tree treats with the whole class!….and they were very delicious  !  Thanks for sharing your sharing!  :)

Today we did some work with patterns using little Christmas manipulatives. We….created our own patterns…..tried identifying the core (the part that repeats) of other people's patterns….. and tried to identify what came next in other peoples' patterns. Lots of fun!
Can you identify the patterns?