Friday, December 18, 2015

Merry Christmas!

I can't believe the first 4 months of Kindergarten are done!!  How did that happen?  In a blink of an eye, it seems!  Everyone in Room 7 wanted to wish our Blog readers a very Merry Christmas and happy holiday!  
Merry Christmas from... me (Mrs. Grant), and our 2 Educational Assistants for Room 7--- Mrs. Hagidiakow - otherwise known as Mrs. H., and Mrs. Johannson, also known as Mrs. J.  
AND Merry Christmas from all the Kinders in Room 7.... 

Over the past couple weeks, we read several versions of the Gingerbread Man. Today each person put some icing and sprinkles on a real gingerbread boy cookie before recess -- and then we went out for recess -- only to discover that when we returned to our class -- our gingerbread cookies had ran away!!!!!  But they had left us a clue!  That clue led us to the library, only to discover we had missed them and they had ran away again! and left us another clue. Anyways, we followed the clues around the school....
..... to the office....(the secretary hadn't seen them run away!-but she did see the clue they left on her desk) the principal's office (she hadn't seen them sneak away either!-BUT they did leave a clue there)
and then we went to the lunchroom... and that clue led us back to our classroom. And the gingerbread had returned!   SO we quickly sat down and ate them!!  YUMMY!!!!

 Here's the kids who did Sharing Time today
One of the kids brought in this treat today for each person!  (I forgot to take a photo of the parts all put together - before they got eaten!)
THANK YOU to all the families who sent in treats and supplies for our little Christmas party celebration!

AND the class wanted to take a video of them doing a couple of their favourite songs!  A little surprise for all the parents! Enjoy!

When I asked for volunteers to hold the letters for the SANTA song, everyone wanted to hold the letters. So we did a few verses, in order to give everyone a chance. We did have to do a little problem solving to make sure the letters were in the right order each time, but someone was always able to direct anyone who needed help - as to where to stand!!! These little verses are sure to make you smile!



Thursday, December 17, 2015

One more day!!!!

Baby Elias came to visit us this afternoon! We noticed he can roll over...
.. and he likes to bounce when his mommy helps him stand up!...
... and he likes to sit up - but he still needs his mommy to help him do that!  

The other day we guessed what Mrs. Zinn might keep in Elias' diaper bag. Today she showed us what she keeps in the bag. We made pretty good guesses! She also told us and showed us how baby Elias gets around (ie. car seat, baby carrier)
  Centre time... stamping SANTA with the alphabet stamps

Building a little city with our new track!
Sharing Time

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

12 Days of Christmas

The other day we read the traditional version of The 12 Days of Christmas. Today we read a Canadian version, by Helaine Becker and Werner Zimmermann. We thought it was kind of funny!!
Then we did a math activity we called "The 12 days of Christmas for KIDS!" that included pictures of things that boys and girls might like for a gift. 
We also did some counting and stamping for numbers 1 - 12.

We also fit in a "Write Around the Room" activity this afternoon!
And don't forget about Sharing Time!!!

ONLY 2 more days until Christmas holidays!!!

Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week.....
Enjoying a Christmas story at the Listening Centre

Making a candy cane out of pipe cleaners....

Sharing Time

Monday, December 14, 2015

lots to know about a baby!!

Baby Elias is coming to school on Thursday... so Mrs. Macdonell came to do a pre-baby-visit with our class. She had the class discuss......... ways a baby travels...what does a parent need for a baby when they are not at home?......what is in a diaper bag?.... what does a baby see when they are sitting in a stroller? or lying in a carriage?....... What are different ways to hold a baby safely?

Centre time.......

We are learning a new song. It has these letters in in... A  A  N   T   S in it. We can even unscramble the letters to spell the name of someone special!!!

Friday, December 11, 2015

Happy Friday!

This young fellow was making trees out of play-doh and decorating them with beads.
These girls were playing a game of "tug-o-war".  (rolling a die, and moving the marker towards their own "home")
Sharing Time

Coming up....Last week of school before Christmas Holidays. Friday, December 18 is the last day of school for 2015.

Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Lockdown practice

Your child may mention that we had a lockdown today. It was just a practice. We had to be super quiet during the lockdown (a challenge for a few students!!).  We need to know what to do in case there are any intruders in the building or situations that require a lockdown, so we had a school wide practice lockdown today. 
    In the fall we had several fire drills, to also help us know what to do in case of a real fire.
This is the Star of the Week. 

We used 3 colours to make a pattern with all three colours in the core. We made paper candy canes!
SHARING TIME... something that starts with /c/

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

A box-y kind of day!

I brought a few different sized cardboard boxes into the classroom. 
We turned the biggest box into a Gingerbread Reading Centre.  And of course we had to make some gingerbread type decorations to put on it! We put the bean bag chair inside and it was a favourite place to read and look at books today.

I put these boxes out for whatever the kids imagination could do... and this is what happened today.

Sharing Time... something that starts with the letter /c/ sound (as in Christmas!)