Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keep or Speak Secrets

If a child keeps a birthday present a secret or surprise until she gives it to his/her friend/sibling, is that OKAY??
If someone wants to touch your private parts (the parts covered by your bathing suit) or asks you to touch his/her private areas.. is that OKAY ??  
Today Mrs. Macdonell (Resource teacher) talked to us about secrets. Some secrets are okay to keep for a while but they will end and they will make someone happy when we tell them. These are called keep secrets......But some secrets are NOT okay at all! These are called speak secrets. These secrets make you feel uncomfortable or confused. Children are encouraged to tell, tell, tell!!!  Tell a safe adult!!!!
This important information is part of the Kids In The Know program being taught at school. Click on the link for more information.
Today we are bringing home our little paper books.
  Sharing Time 


  1. Excellent job on the books. Can I have mine signed by each of you?

    Texas blog reader

    1. Hi! We will sign your book! It was fun making the books! We quickly noticed the words "Texas Blog Reader" and we could read the words all by ourselves!
      From Room 7