Thursday, April 30, 2015

Keep or Speak Secrets

If a child keeps a birthday present a secret or surprise until she gives it to his/her friend/sibling, is that OKAY??
If someone wants to touch your private parts (the parts covered by your bathing suit) or asks you to touch his/her private areas.. is that OKAY ??  
Today Mrs. Macdonell (Resource teacher) talked to us about secrets. Some secrets are okay to keep for a while but they will end and they will make someone happy when we tell them. These are called keep secrets......But some secrets are NOT okay at all! These are called speak secrets. These secrets make you feel uncomfortable or confused. Children are encouraged to tell, tell, tell!!!  Tell a safe adult!!!!
This important information is part of the Kids In The Know program being taught at school. Click on the link for more information.
Today we are bringing home our little paper books.
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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Star of the Week

Our Star of the Week!!!
These 2 boys were working together for quite some time. This is what they wanted to tell you:
"We built a spaceship. It was fun! We put 41 animals on it. We did teamwork! and it was fun! We made it out of lego. and it was really really fun!"  From 2 boys in Room 7
He used his imagination to build this, and then said " I'm going to build this when I'm older - in real life!"
    "We were building a world with some people". "I was building a robot and a new house cause the bad guy broke the old house."

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Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Earth Day/Museum Activities

This is our Earth Day activity displayed in the hallway. Each person painted an "earth", which is being held by a cut out of their hands. We also made a list of how every person - even kindergarten kids - can do our part to help the earth.

At the Children's Museum the other day, we made our very own paper! We had to wait for it to dry. Today we practiced writing on it with different kinds of writing tools. We observed that it was easier to write and read when we used a marker.

We also played a game of Earth Day Bingo. Here's a picture of the first person to say "BINGO!"

We also talked about some of the things we really enjoyed at the Children's Museum. It was hard to pick out just one or two things, because everything we did was fun!
Here's what the kids had to say:

"One of the things I liked was the..."
- slide -- Daisy, Kurth,Paityn, Lorin, Martina
- Lasagna Lookout (play structure) -- Michelle, Gia, Grace, Sebastian, Sophie
- water area -- Daytonna, Remington
- making paper activity-- Jayden
- milking the cow -- Xander
- disco lights -- Nikolai
- train -- Jace
- pin screen -- Annalynn

Monday, April 27, 2015

Paper pirate hats

We reused newspaper today to make pirate hats!!! 

We practiced a lock down today. We talked about how we need to keep ourselves safely locked inside our classroom (door locked and lights out) -- in case an unwelcome stranger or intruder comes to our school. We have to be very quiet, so the intruder doesn't know we are in here. 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

Children's Museum

Today we went on a field trip to the Children's Museum. For the majority of the students in our class, this was their first visit. Everyone had lots of fun and a great time!!

We started off the morning with a paper making activity. We have learned about different kinds of paper, characteristics of paper, and where paper comes from. We know that we want to do our part in recycling paper and helping the Earth!

Then we went to explore the different stations in the museum!!!

We had a terrific day!  Thank you so much to the moms who volunteered to help us out and joined us on our visit to the museum!