Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Mouse Paint

We read the story Mouse Paint by Ellen Stoll Walsh.  Then we got out paint in the three primary colours – red, yellow, and blue. We each picked two colours to mix together – and after mixing, we got a new colour! The new colours are called secondary colours. After the paint dried, we cut out some shapes to glue together to make a mouse - just like in the story!

 After last recess, all students from K-5 went down to the gym. We sat down in 2 long lines, side by side with someone from another grade. It was like we were sitting on a train! We call this our "Reading Train". We took turns reading to the person sitting on the same "train seat" as us!  (use your imagination, please)

Sharing Time... only one person remembered today!

Monday, February 27, 2017

Musical Guest Readers

Our Star of the Week did a great job sharing his posters and photos today!

This afternoon, some students from St. James Collegiate came over to visit us. They played some music on their instruments, then read us a couple stories - for I Love To Read month.
Spelling words with letter tiles.
Puzzle time...

Thursday, February 23, 2017


We had library today.
Centre time....
Look who wore their comfy pj's for pajama day
Thank you very much to this mom ... Who came to our class to read to us for I love to read month
Sharing time

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Colours and Writing

Today we started a new project. We had to cut out pictures from magazines, and sort them according to the colours on the colour wheel. We were looking for both primary and secondary colours.
Centre time -- printing number words!!
"Write Around the Room"... It is so amazing to see the Kinder's writing in September and compare it to now. They are so focused on finding words that they want to write, and some kids even want to keep writing when it is time to move on to the next activity.

Many kids enjoyed the Book Swap  opportunity today. 

Reminder: Tomorrow is Pajama Day. Feel free to bring your favourite book to school, and wear your P.J.'s, too. (Please put on clean pajamas - don't wear the ones you just slept in) 
Also - our playground is full of puddles. Please make sure your child has extra socks and pants to change into - as some kids like to have the puddles jump on them!!

Tuesday, February 21, 2017


Today we talked about what we know about the number "10". These kids found 10 dots on dice and dominoes. It was amazing what the kids could share regarding their knowledge about the number 10!!!  All the number sentences came from the kids. They were really wearing their thinking caps today!! It was very impressive and exciting to see what they knew and/or could figure out about the number ten - based on everything they had learned so far!  { ie.  Did you know that 100-90=10?  or 20-10=10? Some kids in Room 7 do!! }

 Sharing Time.

Friday, February 17, 2017

100 Days of School

Today, we are officially 100 days smarter!!!  The kids have been anticipating this milestone - the 100th day of school!!!

We spent the day doing a variety of 100 day activities..... Check out a few of the things we did...
Creating structures and towers with 100 plastic cups...

taking 100 licks of a lollipop...
....and still having a lot of lollipop left after 100 licks!
Tracing the numbers 1 -100....

sorting 100 little treats onto the 100 chart...
Our 100 day crowns...

Dot-to-dot on the Smart Board ...counting by tens to 100
filling in the missing numbers on the 100 chart...
putting together our 100 day crowns... after doing 100 stamps and/or bingo dabber dots

counting by tens, and printing the numbers on the white board!!!
..another idea was to build 10 block towers with 10 blocks in each, and then....
....connect all 10 towers together to make a 100 block train!
We found the numbers 1 - 100 scattered throughout our room first thing this morning, went on a search, found them, and placed them on the corresponding numbers on the 100 chart...

and last, but not least,   SHARING TIME.
Can you believe we have already had 100 days of Kindergarten????
Ask your child about the other 100 day activities we did today, too!  (including being quiet for 100 seconds!!)