Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Hats off (or on) for Kindergarten!

Today we used newspaper to make hats!  
But before we did our fancy folding to create a paper hat, we were "word detectives" and had to circle the words that we found in the newspaper and could read!!  It was amazing how many words got circled!!  (try this activity at home, and you'll be amazed, too!)

   Sharing time…. something that starts with a /m/ sound

A Social Justice Group of students from Sturgeon Heights Collegiate very generously donated a great big bunch of gently used books to our school. All teachers were able to choose some books to supplement  classroom libraries, and each student in the school had the opportunity to choose a book to take home and keep in their own personal home library. Everyone was very excited about that!!!  (after all….you have to read to become a reader!)

Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Read to Someone

Our Kindergarten class has been doing an excellent job of reading to themselves (also known as "Read to Self").   We also know how to "Read to Someone". Here's some pics from today of some kids reading to someone else from our own class. 

(Notice some of the great things that are happening …..
  • eyes are on the book
  • ignoring what is going on around you/not looking at our other friends
  • concentrating
  • reading quietly
  • sitting beside each other (EEKK)
  • taking turns reading or reading together or helping your partner read
  • reading pictures and/or reading the words
  • and more!!! )


Yesterday, our Star of the Week told us all about herself. Today we read one of her favourite books. We all had fun trying to pronouce the Filipino word for her favourite food - which is a Filipino dish!

  May is almost here!  This week for Sharing Time, the Kinders are bringing something that starts with a /m/ sound……..just like the sound that May starts with.

Monday, April 28, 2014

Children's Museum photos

Making paper…..
Learning about the process of how a tree can eventually become paper
 Making our own paper -- by recycling paper…..

Exploring the different areas of the museum….

Thursday, April 24, 2014

The Children's Museum

Today both Kindergarten classes went on a field trip to the Children's Museum. (click on the link to check it out).What a busy and great time we had!! This is what the students had to say about our visit. 

I liked…
- the whole museum. - Alia
- where I could see through when you go down the slide. - Nathalie
- how you could move the top curtain by the slide and make it move like an eyelid. - Steven
- the play structure. – Colin
- the slide. – Ethan
- everything! – Mia, Nolan, Geoffrey, Kiezha, Brianna
- the train.- Lexi
- all of it! - Tayanna
- the slide that I went on. – Andrea
- everything! – Elizabeth, Lily, Makenna, Kyle, Ahmad

Pictures to follow in next post….

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

More about Earth Day

We have talked a lot about recycling since the start of Kindergarten. We recycle in our classroom, too. We are familiar with the 3 R's…. reduce, reuse, recycle. We know not to litter.  We have read many books about recycling and Earth Day. Everyone in Room 7 wants to do their part to help the Earth!

Today we did some word problems on the Smart Board -- about planting trees and recycling! 

      Earth Day Game on the Smart Board

Sharing time
REMINDER:  We are going to the Children's Museum tomorrow!  Please arrive at school at the normal entry time of 8:40AM. Bring your lunch to school!

Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Earth Day

Today is Earth Day!  All the lights were turned out in the hallway and classrooms, making it a dark day at school. We spent some of the day outside to take advantage of the natural light. Here we are playing Earth Day bingo.

  We also did some reading and singing outside.

    We also had gym and recess outside!

 We only have one little window in our room, so it is very dark in our class. At the end of the day we found a brighter space to read a couple stories about Earth Day. The elevator area provided just the spot for that!

We also spent a couple periods in the Science Lab. It has nice big windows to let in the sunshine!  Three kids remembered their Sharing today.

  Please do your part to help our Earth!!