Thursday, February 27, 2014

Colour Wheel

Today we painted the "primary colours" on something that looked like a pizza cut into 6 pieces. We learned it is called a "colour wheel." Apparently we only had red, yellow, and blue paint in our classroom, so we mixed 2 of them at a time to create new colours-- orange, green, and purple -- which  we call "secondary colours".

      It was a school wide pajama day today!!  

Our division's police office stopped by to read to us today, as part of I Love To Read month.

     Sharing Time today

No school for students on Friday, February 28th.  Inservice Day for teachers.

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Around the room on Wednesday

    Identifying and sorting colours on the Smart Board

Making patterns with red and white blocks!

       Building sentences (putting words in order to make sense) on the Smart Board.

Sharing time

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Big Mean Mike

I LOVE TO READ month continues….

This morning Mr. Miller, our Vice-Principal, stopped by to read us a story called Big Mean Mike. Everyone really enjoyed the story and the message that went with it.

Mrs. Mitchell (Speech  Language Pathologist) worked with a few students today. She read them a story and did an activity related to the story.

Today was Day 5 which meant it was our Library Day. Mrs. Wood (Librarian) read us a story before we each selected a book to sign out and take home to read with our families. (Please note: If your child has not returned the last book he/she signed out, then he/she will not be allowed to sign out another book until the last one is returned.)

Some people enjoyed a card game of "GO FISH" this afternoon. A great game to play at home with the family.  (Skills include…. number recognition, matching numbers, language skills, co-operation, good sportsmanship, etc.)

We had a couple guest readers from….. our own class today!! They did an AWESOME job reading to their classmates!

Sharing time… bring anything you like and tell us all about it!

Monday, February 24, 2014

Primary colours

We have been learning about the primary colours. Today we traced 3 shapes (overlapped them) and then used only primary colours to paint inside the spaces.

   As you know, it is I Love To Read month.  Today we had a visit from Mrs. Deanne Crothers, who is the MLA for St. James. She read us a couple stories. 
  We ended the day with our Reading Buddies. We always look forward to reading with our buddies from Room 12!

Friday, February 21, 2014


Today baby Jacob and his mom, Mrs. Zinn, came to visit us as part of the Roots of Empathy program. We observed that Jacob can sit up by himself now, he can hold a toy, and he can roll over all by himself. His mom said he already has one tooth, and he is getting another one. 
When we measured baby Jacob in the fall, he was only 8 blocks long. Today he was 9 blocks long!!  He has grown!!!
         Room 7 class and baby Jacob and his mom

     We were fortunate to have another visitor today. He came from rural Manitoba to read to us for I Love To Read month. Someone recognized him…. and said it was her Grandpa!   Thank you very much for reading us a book this afternoon. Everyone enjoyed the story. It was extra special for one little girl! 
      Our visitor had heard about our Smart Board and noticed it on our blog, so we were happy to demonstrate how we use it. We even encouraged him to give it a try. We guessed the pattern that he made!

                                                                    Sharing time today -------  T is for…..

Have a good weekend

Thursday, February 20, 2014

What we know about numbers!

We have been learning many different ways to represent numbers. We started making charts to record ...
"What we know about....".   So far we have brainstormed what we know about numbers 1, 2, 3, and 4. We are getting pretty good at thinking about different number sentences that make our number!



Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cups and a Star

Our class found 100 cups in the block centre the other day…. for 100 day, of course. These boys used some of them to build a tower today. 

Our Star of the Week did a great presentation telling us all about himself!  We read one of his favourite books, and checked out the medal he brought to show us. Thank-you!

During centre time today, one little boy was writing notes…. just anything that popped into his head!  One note asked "Do you like chiken."  (his spelling).  I asked him if I could take a photo of this other note he wrote…. 
"Do you like trucks today or something that is blue today"

          Sharing time today…..  T is for trucks and train!

Tuesday, February 18, 2014

100 days of school

Last Friday marked the 100th day of school! Wow!  So now that we completed 100 days, we did some 100 type of activities today.

We stamped 10 stamps on each of 10 strips of paper..for a total of 100 stamps.....and turned them into a "We are 100 days smarter" crown!

We also….
  • were quiet for 100 seconds! (That was tricky!)
  • licked a sucker 100 times (and we had estimated the sucker would be gone in 100 licks, but it wasn't!)
  • read stories about 100 days of school
  • counted 100 steps on our way to music class
  • jumped up and down 100 times
  • counted to 100
  • sorted 100 little things
  • traced the numbers from 1 - 100. 
  • made ten groups of ten--- to count by tens to 100
  • sorted 100 different edible treats into groups of 10......and then ate them!
  • and many more 100 day activities!

Students were requested to bring in a baggie of 100 little things. A few students suggested grouping their items into sets of 10, so they could easily count by tens to 100. (Good thinking, wasn't it!)
This young lady brought in a bag of dry pasta. She quickly got her pasta sorted into groups of 10 and counted up to 100.  She also did a special project of glueing 100 foam hearts onto a t-shirt. Way to go!

 We have been counting Popsicle sticks, and bundling them every time we get a group of 10.   Now we had ten bundles, so we decided to bundle ALL of them into a big bundle of 100! As we have added a stick every day, we also mark it on our 100 chart on the SMART BOARD.

Sharing time this week --- Something that starts with a /T/ sound

Thanks to everyone who provided treats for our Valentines party and our 100 Days of School party. They were greatly appreciated and enjoyed by all!

Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Valentine's Day

How can you fix a wrinkled heart? Well, today we tried to fix our wrinkled paper heart, but NO ONE could make it look as good as new!  We even tried saying "I'm sorry" to the heart, but it still stayed wrinkled.  

We talked about the heart being compared to our feelings, and that words can be hurtful (like the wrinkle). We need to thnk about what we are gonna say BEFORE we say it, so we don't hurt other peoples' feelings.

Our guest reader this morning was this young man's mother. Thank you so much for joining us in Room 7 and reading us the Jillian Jiggs story.
    Look who is wearing valentine colours.   And red is also representative of the colour of our  Canadian athletes at the  Olympics.
        Sharing time

Thursday, February 13, 2014

Guest reader

We continue to enjoy stories from special visitors. Today our guest reader was Mrs. Pshebniski.   She is the Assistant Superintendent, Program and Curriculum  for our school division. We really enjoyed the stories she read to us. It was nice that she came to our school for "I Love To Read" month.

         Sharing Time…. H is for Heart!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

PaperBag Princess

We had another visitor for "I Love to Read" month..... and you won't believe it!   It was the Paperbag Princess. You may have heard of her....she is a character in The Paperbag Princess book written by Robert Munsch! The Grade One class joined us for the reading of the story book.

We have been using  Valentine cards to make patterns!
Mrs. Macdonell stopped by our room again today to teach us more about the KIDS IN THE KNOW  program. Today we learned about secrets -- KEEP SECRETS and SPEAK SECRETS.  A keep secret is something special -like a birthday present- that you will eventually share with and tell someone about. There is an ending to that secret. A SPEAK SECRET can be related to someone telling you NOT to tell someone something -ever! (like abuse). And this is the kind of secret that you NEED to tell someone you trust about... and if that person doesn't listen, tell someone else that you trust.

We also talked about touches --- inappropriate vs. o.k. touches. No one should be touching you in inappropriate places (like where your bathing suit covers you). (The exception would be a doctor, and your mom or dad would be with you.).  If you are sad and want a hug, then that would be o.k. to ask someone for a hug.

PARENTS:  You are encouraged to follow up this conversation with your child, and make sure they understood the lesson today. Thanks.
This is Mrs. Macdonell (Resource Teacher) reading us a story.
Sharing time