Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Pottery - Day 2

The potter, Mrs. Jenn McCurry returned today to help us create our clay robins, eggs, and bird nests. This is how they turned out.  She is going to fire them in her kiln. She told us a kiln is an oven that gets as hot as a volcano, and it will turn the clay into stone!! She will bring them back next week and we will get to glaze them!  Everyone had lots of fun with this activity.
This is us intently working on the project. 

  This morning we had an assembly... with the focus being on math apps. Then we went to our house groups to try out some of the new apps. During centre time, some of the kids in our class enjoyed playing some of these math apps. (Math Racing, Slide 100, Math Fight, Geoboard, Number Rack). Check them out at home. They are free!

  Sharing Time

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