Monday, April 6, 2015

Welcome back!

The last 3 months of school are upon us! The end of June will be here before you know it.... but there's still lots of learning to do until then!

Our "Star of the Week" did a terrific job of presenting his poster and telling us a little about himself!  
These boys were busy building this structure at center time. Great teamwork and designing skills going on here!
Day 5 = Library Day....... Mr. W. read us a story and then we each got to choose a book to take home and read with our family.

NOTE:  Starting next Monday, April 13th, the Kindergarten students will meet at the back of the school at 8:40 AM and enter the school from this back door.
****** Home time dismissal at 3:40PM  will continue to be from the same front door as it has been all year.


  1. WELCOME BACK!!!! Hope everyone enjoyed their time off. Nice to see we have some future carpenters. FANTASTIC JOB !!!!!
    Mrs. Grant's aunt in Texas

  2. Hi! Thanks for the comment. We all had a good spring break. The boys had fun building that structure.
    From Room 7

  3. I really like the three girls castle and is it a play structure? From Susan Zielinski

    1. Hi!
      Yes, we were building a castle. We had fun!
      From the girls in the picture