Thursday, December 22, 2016

Gingerbread Adventure

This morning we decorated gingerbread men cookies.....



 We planned on eating the gingerbread men after lunch, BUT...... when we came in from lunch recess.... they had disappeared!!!!   We discovered a note in our room, which led us on an adventure in search for them. We tried to walk quietly and sneak up on them... but all we found were notes along the way!!     The first note took us to the library, then the note in there made us go downstairs to see the secretary, Mrs. Angell....but she hadn't seen the little men either. BUT she did discover a note on her desk......
......which led us to the principal's office (Ms. Couch) -- but she hadn't see the gingerbread, either, BUT she had found a note in her office...... from there we headed to the lunchroom-- and someone found another note......
......AND THAT NOTE took us back to Room 7!!!! And guess what??? The gingerbread men had returned to our room!!! YEAH!!!   So we dug right in and ate them!!  YUMMY!!!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from the students and adults from Room 7.  (We had some sick children this week, so didn't get a photo of everyone, but everyone else wanted to send their holiday wishes!)

Merry Christmas, from Mrs. Ross -- lunch time supervisor.....
MERRY CHRISTMAS from Mrs. E. (EA in our room for 3 periods a day) and Mr. Doty, Educational Assistant in our room,  (Missing from photo is Miss Janz -EA in our room for 2 periods/day and lunch supervisor/crossing guard)
and Merry Christmas, and Happy Holidays from Mrs. Grant!!  See you all next year, on January 9th!!

Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Our 12 Days of Christmas!

We read THE TWELVE DAYS OF CHRISTMAS the other day, and this version, too. Then we made up our own version... using toys!!  We counted how many toys there would be for the 12 days, and it was 87!!!

Retelling the story of the Gingerbread Man-- by putting the pictures in the correct sequence to tell the story.

Tuesday, December 20, 2016

Pasta Necklaces

Today we made pattern necklaces -- using pasta that had been dyed. (necklaces are NOT for eating). They can also be used as a garland for your Christmas tree!
 Can you identify the patterns on these necklaces?
Sharing Time....


Monday, December 19, 2016

Library Day

Reminder... We have library every Day 1. Please be sure to return your child's library book on or before the next day 1.  (and when it is at home, keep it in a safe place... several children told the librarian today that they didn't know where their overdue library book was.) never know where they might take you.....