Friday, March 24, 2017

Food Group Puppets

Today was... "Dress Fancy" day for Stevenson Spirt Week!

Mrs. Grant challenged the class with this number puzzle. Print the numbers that come BEFORE and AFTER 41!  And they did it!!!

We pretended to be these puppet characters from the food groups. Some of the kids changed their voice and did a great acting job!!  They had to have the puppets talk and tell us their food name, which food group they were from, and should we eat something from that food group every day??? YES!! We learned they all have lots of good vitamins and minerals in them. All the puppets we saw were from the 4 four groups. (No junk food or once in a while foods.)

SPRING BREAK!!!  See you back at school on April 3rd. Enjoy your family time.


  1. hi. This is Mrs. Grant's class. We would like to invite all the parents to write our class a comment, please!! We like to read comments.
    From Room 7

  2. Everyone looks so snazzy in their fancy clothes. Great job with the number puzzle. I love those food group puppets. Have a great spring break.
    I'll miss your blog in Texas during spring break.

    1. HI. We're back from Spring Break! It is sunny and nice outside today. We missed you from Texas.
      From Room 7