Monday, March 13, 2017

The Grocery Store

Our Star of the Week did a great job sharing his poster with us today!

We opened a new dramatic play centre today.... The Grocery Store!!  We also did some activities associated with grocery shopping. We learned about sections in the grocery store, about categories (ie. apples and bananas are fruits, and potatoes and carrots are vegetables), making shopping lists, paying for groceries (will that be cash, debit, or credit?), labelling items in the store, using new vocabulary, using manners while shopping, taking turns, and so much more!!! 
   Children were invited to bring in (empty) food containers from home to add to our store. (Please ensure they are clean and dry)


  1. I would like to order some groceries from your store. Do you deliver to Texas?
    If so I'll send you my grocery list. Your favorite Texas blog reader.

    1. Hi. Guess what? Our grocery store is just pretend! We use our imagination to pretend that it is a real grocery store! It is so much fun to play in our grocery store! So sorry we can not deliver groceries to Texas.
      From Room 7