Monday, April 3, 2017

59 days and counting!

 From the start of the school year, we have been counting one popsicle stick per day. After each set of ten days, we bundled the group of ten sticks to make it easier to count. When we got to ten bundles, we bundled them up to make one bundle of 100! We continued to count one more popsicle stick a day up until Spring Break!  TODAY..... we started something different. We figured out that we had 60 days left of Kindergarten until summer holiday.  So we took one out for today, since we were already at school. Now we have 59 days left of Kindergarten. We will continue to count backwards, one stick at a time!
Count the small Easter things. How many? (10) Now some are hiding. There are 7 left. Guess how many are hiding under the basket?

We had ten. Now there are only 3 left. How many are hiding under the basket? 
Look how tall I am?

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  1. WELCOME BACK! Did everyone have a great spring break? Is that right only 59 days of school are left? Time flies! Glad to see the snow is almost gone.
    Happy to read your blog in Texas.