Thursday, March 2, 2017

Guest readers

 We had a visit from a Constable with the Winnipeg Police Service this morning. She is our School Resource Officer. She came to read to our class, and had a few minutes for questions, too. "Do you put people in jail?" was one of the questions. She talked to the class about the need for rules, and being responsible for our own actions. She asked about rules at school and what happens at school if we don’t follow the rules. Time out, the kids said. She said there are rules to follow for everything and everywhere (i.e. at home, at school, driving on the road, etc.) and when someone breaks a rule, they need a consequence (ie. ticket for speeding, go to jail, etc.) so they can be responsible for their own actions.
Aside from that, she read the class a really funny story - about a police officer and, what else,....donuts!
We had another guest reader this afternoon. Mrs. Malcolm is a retired school teacher. She used to teach Kindergarten in Room 8, several years ago. She came and read us a story!

The class was so excited to see the March calendar this week. We found St. Patrick's Day on the calendar, and other important dates worth noting. One of the fun smart board activities was putting gold coins by the shamrock.
Mrs. Grant printed the number 7 on the middle line... then the class had to figure out what came "before" and "after" 7
Students are really having a lot of fun designing different kinds of tracks to make the cars move!
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