Thursday, March 23, 2017

Canada Food Guide

Today we looked at the Canada Food Guide. We looked at the number of servings recommended from each food group - for 5 and 6 year olds. We looked at the pictures of suggested servings from each group. We also read the labels of some of the "groceries" we have in our class grocery store - and checked out how much sugar is in some of the foods. We noticed the food guide recommends drinking juice that is 100% juice (as opposed to just a juice beverage or drink which is not as healthy). We don't want to have too much sugar in the foods we eat!  We also talked about how we need to drink lots of water every day. Ask your child to tell you what he/she learned today!

Recess Fun!

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  1. Hi!ms.grantthankyou for teaching me that fruits and
    Vegetables are healthy!

    1. HI! You are welcome! Thank you for leaving us a comment. We are glad you learned about fruits and vegetables!
      From Room 7