Monday, March 6, 2017

Colour experiment

We did a colour experiment today. We put some water and food colouring in each of 3 jars... 1 primary colour per jar. Then we put an empty jar in between each primary colour jar. We added a strip of paper towel that went into each connecting jar.... and we were amazed at what happened! .....some of the primary colours went into the empty jars, and the colours got mixed - to make secondary colours! It is like the coloured water just crawled up the paper towel and went in to the empty jars!

Sorting different colours of paper... different shades and tints
mixing colours in a gel bag

New sharing schedule went home today! Please keep it in a safe place for future reference.

A note from your child....
Please make sure your child is dressed appropriately to play outside at recess. Touques and mittens are still a must!  Check the weather forecast in the morning, and don't forget about the windchill!
Please be sure your child has extra socks and pants at school, too.


  1. That's an AWESOME idea of making the secondary colours. Wasn't that fun watching the colours mix? I love reading your blog in Texas

  2. Hi. YES! It was fun watching the colours mix. We were so surprised when the water climbed up the paper towel and went into the empty jars --- to make the secondary colours. Vera and Ali predicted that might happen and they were right! Did you ever try that experiment?
    By Room 7