Wednesday, January 21, 2015

What do you wear in the winter movie?

We are movie stars!  ........Yesterday we read a story about what to wear when you go outside to play, and the order of putting on our outdoor clothing. Today we made a movie about this. We used a green screen and the assistance of Mrs. Lowe to help put it all together for us. Our movie is currently in the production stage (thanks, Mrs. Lowe). Stay tuned to see our movie tomorrow!!!

Learning Carpet time.....  "What numbers are missing? What number goes where the green frog is?" .......  Those teen numbers can be tricky!

  Some structures with the wooden blocks....
Sharing time... W is for....
Today one of our classmates celebrated his 6th birthday. His mom brought in some cupcakes for him to share with the class. They were yummy!  Thank you to the birthday boy and his family for the treat!

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