Wednesday, January 28, 2015

Pajama Day--- dreaming about Kindness

Almost everyone in our class wore their pyjamas today as we dreamed about KINDNESS. What great school spirit!!  And our friends from Rooms 8 and 11 surprised us all by baking chocolate chip cookies yesterday to pass out to everyone... in a show of kindness!  
Thank you very much to them! Everyone certainly enjoyed the treat!
These girls made a path by putting the foot prints in numerical order.
This activity involved 3 different steps.
 First, each person rolled a single die and had to print the number for the corresponding number of dots. (When you can identify how many dots are on the die without actually counting every dot, we call this "subitizing". We want everyone in kindergarten to be able to subitize up to 6.)
Next, everyone found a partner and together they rolled a pair of dice. Then they added up the number of dots on both dice and printed that number. 
For the third challenge, some kids put themselves into groups of 3 people. They each rolled a die, and added up the dots on all three dice, then wrote down that number!!

  Sharing Time.....something that starts with   /s/

TOMORROW....we are WILD about KINDNESS..... dress as an animal!

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