Wednesday, January 14, 2015

Puffy painting

Today we painted "Puffy" snowmen!

Some of us played mitten word bingo!  Lots of fun!  Everyone did a great job spelling and reading the words on their mittens!

  I LOVE Kindergarten writing!  IT continues to amaze me what little sponges young children can be!   One of the young authors in our room wrote a story today.  I took a picture of a couple of the pages in her book.  She did the spelling all by herself! Check it out!!!


  1. You are AWESOME !!! πŸ˜„ Can you make me a book ???πŸ˜„
    Mrs.Grant's daughter,
    Rebecca. πŸ’—❄️πŸŒ€

  2. Excellent job on the writing!!!!

    Mrs. Grant's aunt in Texas

  3. HI.
    G. loves to write, just like you love reading , Rebecca!!
    Thank you both for the comments.
    From Mrs. Grant's class