Tuesday, January 20, 2015

What do you wear in the snow?

Today we read this story. We were able to spot some familiar sight words in the book.
We talked about the different kinds of clothing that we wear for recess, and how it compared to the child in the storybook. We did all agree that we need to wear clothing that will keep us WARM and DRY when we go out for recess. We also tried building sentences on the Smart Board, based on the book.

  Some boys were counting the popsicle sticks that we use to keep track of how many days we have been to school. Every day we add one popsicle stick to our container. Then every time we have 10 loose popsicle sticks, we bundle them up by putting an elastic around the group of 10. It makes it much easier to count so many when we can count by tens, and then add the ones that we need. Today was day #83!
 Yes, we have been in Kindergarten for 83 days of learning already!  
  Sharing something that starts with W.....  how about words on a keychain?

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