Friday, January 23, 2015

All the way to 100

   These 3 kids were putting their number sense to the test... when they sorted all these numbers and put them in order from 1 -100 on the math "Learning Carpet". They didn't go in order, though, as they were able to notice the patterns in the numbers! (ie.  all numbers with 60 something went in the same row, or all numbers that ended with a 4 went in the same column, etc. ) 
    They also noticed that when they lined themselves up on the floor, that they were longer than all the numbers!

  We used our detective tools to help us spot the letter /Tt/ all over our classroom!  I wonder if our little detectives can find any letters or words in their environment at home?

  Today we spent some time with our Buddies from Room 4.

  Sharing time..... W is for..
Our school has been talking about KINDNESS this month. Next week, there are some special activities planned. Everyone is invited to participate...  starting with Monday --- Crazy for Kindness day.  Wear crazy clothes or come to school with crazy hair... and, of course, don't forget being kind to others!!!


  1. AWESOME JOB on the number Learning Carpet. Sounds like a fun week ahead. Can't wait to see you dressed up.
    Texas blog reader.

    1. Hi.
      Thanks for the comment. We like dressing up!
      From Room 7