Thursday, June 19, 2014

Visit to the Fire Station

Our visit to the Fire Station.
This morning, Wednesday, we walked to Fire Station #11. We met some really nice firemen and they showed us the firetrucks. It was an eventful visit. There were 3 trucks there when we first arrived. One truck was just pulling out. First we went inside and watched a video about Sparky the firedog and fire safety. Fireman Phil told us about calling 911 in an emergency. He also told us we should know our address and our own phone number. Then we went out and took a look at the  2 firetrucks that were still there. They opened up the doors and showed us the supplies and equipment behind the doors. One truck had 3 ladders and the other truck had 7 ladders!  We also got to climb into the firetruck and pretend we were driving. That was a lot of fun! Oh-oh… the fire alarm went off and one of the trucks had to leave… so we had to wait in a safe place in front of the building while the truck pulled out!  We did like watching the trucks leave and putting their sirens on!  We noticed the firemen got their uniforms on VERY quickly. Then back we went in to look at the other firetruck that was left. However, within 5 minutes, THIS truck had to respond to an alarm, too -- but the fireman said they would probably be back soon. NO worries, though, because as we looked at the empty garage, the first firetruck that was leaving as we arrived, was just arriving back at the station.  So those fireman finished telling us about the firetrucks, then, they had Mrs. Grant dress up in a fireman uniform!  After that, we each got to take a turn spraying water out of the water hose and knocking over some water jugs.
We had an awesome time with the friendly neighbourhood fire men!  Thank you to all the Fire Men at Station Number 11!!



  1. Looks like everyone had a wonderful time. Mrs. Grant looks great as a fireman. Was the uniform heavy? I can't get over how you all have grown since last fall.
    Faithful down south blog reader

  2. Hello! Yes, the uniform was heavy!! You must need to be strong to be a fire fighter!! Yes, we have grown! Mrs. Grant even measured us to see how much we have grown!!
    From Room 7