Tuesday, June 17, 2014

Concert and Fire House

We got to take a tour through the  "Fire House" today. We learned about safe and unsafe fires, and what to do in case there is a fire in our home. The instructors from the Fire Safety house stressed the importance to the kids of knowing their own address!!  (Good job to all those students who already know their house number and street number. Everyone else has some information to learn! )

  This morning, we put on a little concert for some senior citizen visitors that came to our school.   Every class did an awesome job performing!  The Kindergarten classes sang "Down By the Bay" and "Mr. Sun". They also sang our school song, "Reach for the Stars" with the rest of the students in our school.


  1. You all did a fabulous job singing this morning! The residents of Calvary place were very impressed! Well done!

  2. Thank you MRs. Macdonell. We had fun singing to the visitors. We love you!
    From Room 7