Thursday, June 26, 2014

Grade One Here we come!!!!

We had our final assembly this morning. Some awards were handed out and we also said good-bye to those students in Grade 5 who will be moving to middle school in September.

    Room 7 Volunteer Award recipient

 Enjoying an ice cream sandwich outside after the assembly.. compliments of the Parent Council. Thank you!!!

   We had done a dramatic theme centre on camping earlier this month, and we wanted to end it with this question….

  Then we wanted to try it…..  no real campfires allowed in school… with a little imagination (and the help of the oven -- or microwave would work, too!)… we sample a s'more

    and every camping trip is more complete with a glow stick when it gets dark!!!

   Thanks for reading our blog, ….
and thanks to the parents for their support,…. and thanks to everyone who took a moment to leave us a comment. 
Have a great summer everyone!!   Grade One here they come!!!!

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