Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Good bye baby Jacob

Today was our last day with baby Jacob, as part of the "Roots of Empathy" program. He has gained so many milestones since we first met him last fall. He is almost 11 months old now. He knows how to walk, tries talking, has teeth, eats regular food, can play with toys, gives lots of smiles, likes books, and so much more! WOW!!  Thank you to baby Jacob and his mom for coming to visit us every month and help teach us about empathy and how to treat others! We must remember to treat our friends the same way we would treat baby Jacob… with care and respect and empathy!

 Our Class with baby Jacob and his mom, Mrs. Zinn
This school year we have practiced "fire" drills and "lock down" drills.  Today we practiced a "tornado warning" drill. We had to move to a room downstairs, with no outside windows, and sit under the tables. Now we are prepared… just in case!

 Sharing time…… something of your choice!


  1. Isn't baby Jacob a cutie? You have grown so much since last fall when I started looking at your blog. It was nice to see Mrs. Grant in the picture. (I'm waving Hi to her)
    Okay, it's no secret who is waving to her from Texas.

  2. Yes, We think baby Jacob is a cutie! You should come to Winnipeg and visit us!
    From Mrs. Grant and Room 7