Monday, June 2, 2014

There Was an Old Lady, who swallowed a ….. & Humpty Dumpty

Last week we learned the story of the lady who for some reason swallowed so many animals and bugs. Fiction, of course! But fun to read and sing. We wanted to show our version of an "old lady swallowing a _____" pictures. 

Today we learned the rhyme of Humpty Dumpty. We did some critical thinking as we asked ourselves several questions. For example….
- How did Humpty Dumpty get up on the wall?
- Why did he want to be up on the wall?
- How do you think he felt up there?
- What made him fall off?
- What would the king say when his men came back without putting Humpty back together again?

  We even did a little experiment with Humpty and his brother egg.......and found out that one broke open and the yolk fell out ....and the other egg got some cracks when it fell - but that was about it! Hmmmm......wonder why?  That led to more discussion.

Have an "EGGCellent" week.


  1. I LOVED your new versions of the story! Very creative!

  2. Thank you Mrs. Macdonell! We read the story and then we copied the old lady (said Brianna).
    From Room 7