Wednesday, June 25, 2014

One more day!!

Today everyone is bringing home a back pack full of stuff!!  There are also 3 more brand new books in there to enjoy over the summer!!
Here's a couple pictures of us at the end of the day…. One is our "Serious" face photo, and the other is our "goofy" face photo. Can you tell which is which?  

Tomorrow is the last day of school for students. There will be a special assembly
in the gym at 10:00AM. All parents are invited to attend. 
Report cards will be given out at the end of the day….at the regular dismissal time - (3:40PM)
Have a great summer everyone!!


  1. I'm going to miss all of you. Have a great summer.
    Mrs. Grant, what a fun and exciting year this was! You do an awesome job!
    You did an outstanding job with your blog. Thanks a million for all you do.
    Can't wait for September to read it again. Faithful Seguin Texas blog reader.

  2. Have a Great Summer!