Monday, May 26, 2014

Weekend news

Every Monday, we develop our listening and speaking skills as we share what we have done on the weekend. We also like to write about our weekend. Here's what 3 of our students were up to this weekend…. check it out!!
(Note: Kindergarten writing at this time of year will vary according to the skills of the student. Some of the skills we are looking for include:….letters that match the sounds they hear in words, using some sight words, leaving a "finger space" between words, leaving a line space, putting something at the end of our sentence (like a period or exclamation mark), printing our letters neatly and on the line……)
   I went to McDonald's!   I went to church!   It was rainy!  I played with my sister's iPad.

Jamie Oliviero was back today as he entertained us with his storytelling and taught us about a sense of community and getting along with others. We continue to work at co-operating and learning to live/work/play together peacefully in our community.

   The knight and a "boss"

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