Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Jamie Oliviero

Today, as part of The Integrated Arts program, Jamie Oliviero, a storyteller, came to visit us. He kept us entertained, as well as actively involving us and keeping us interested in his stories. There was a common theme to his stories…...They taught us about working together with others, and how we can help others. 

  We went on a "Wednesday Walk" today. We walked to a local park. Along the way we saw some other things that are part of our community. (mail carrier, hair dressing shop, tennis courts, planes, football club, school bus, one of our student's home, and more)

   Sharing Time --- something that starts with a vowel

1 comment:

  1. That looked like a fun filled day. I see green grass! Hooray!! Hooray!!
    After that long cold winter I bet you're glad to see the colour green.

    From that Texas gal who enjoys your blog.