Thursday, May 15, 2014

Roots of Empathy

Baby Jacob came for a visit today. We noticed he can do some new things since he was last here.

  • he communicates:  whether or not he likes his snack…. when he is full or doesn't want any more
  • his mom stays close by to make sure he stays safe --- doesn't choke, doesn't fall out of his chair

   Sharing time today


  1. Today was a very exciting day with Jacob. I know that you were proud and happy for him. You all should feel proud of yourselves for reaching your own milestones! You are all surprising me everyday! It warms my heart to see you growing and learning so much! :)

  2. "We had fun with baby Jacob." said Ahmad. "When is baby Jacob coming back here?" asked Nathalie. Brianna says "Baby Jacob looks so cute!"