Thursday, May 29, 2014

More news from yesterday and "Walking Wednesday"

Yesterday we went for our Wednesday walk to the daycare. We had lots of fun exploring their outdoor play space.

I liked playing in the Mud. - Makenna and Angelia and Mia
We sat on top of the roof house. - Brianna
I liked going in the teepee.- Ethan D. and Geoffrey and Kyle
I liked playing tag with Andrea. - Elizabeth
I liked playing in the sand and mud. - Nolan
I liked pulling Elizabeth. - Tayanna
I had fun in the sand box. - Ahmad and Ethan M. and Lily and Steven
I liked going on the bridge. - Andrea
I liked sitting on top of the roof.- Alia and Colin
I liked playing with the dump truck in the sand box. - Dredyn
I liked when we walked in the water where the sand was. - Grady
I liked everything!!! - Nathalie

and Thank you to Discovery Children's Centre for allowing us to come and use their play area!  It was great!

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