Friday, May 2, 2014


Our Kindergarten class now has an INSTAGRAM account!  We hope to post at least one photo every school day. The helper of the day will be in charge of taking a photo and typing a short note about the photo, and we may add other photos along the way, too!    
If you'd like to follow us on Instagram, our username is   mrsgrantsclass
Our account is private, and I must approve you to allow you to follow us. Please feel free to email or send a note to school with your child, that includes your username, so we know who you are and can approve you to follow us!  (Please note:  Although we may follow some other classes, we will not be following any families. We want to ensure everything on our account is appropriate for us to see.)

  This month we are participating in a photo challenge using Instagram … #eduphotoadaymay…...  so our photos will be geared towards that challenge. There are other classes participating in the same challenge, too!  This is what we'll be snapping photos of this month..
On another note…...

These boys were drawing on the white board today, and included some speech bubbles and thinking bubbles with their drawings.  

The story reads……  
person on left ---- "My name is Tim."  
person thinking in the middle…. "Is he talking to me?"  
person on the right ----"Hi Tim"

    Sharing time today.

Monday, May 5th is known as Music Monday across Canada. There will be a short assembly (about 10 minutes) right after students arrive at school.  All students will join together to sing the Music Monday song. Parents are welcome to stay and enjoy the performance. For more info. … check out Ms. Rempel's music blog.

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