Wednesday, May 28, 2014


Today we had a visitor, Lindsay, (Mrs. Grant's step-daughter), who brought some snakes for us to see and learn about. She brought in 3 ball python snakes. There were 2 girls and 1 boy snake. She said these snakes are not poisonous, like some snakes are. She also taught us about the word "rodents", when we asked what her snakes like to eat. She feeds them once a week, and they like to eat mice and rats!! (ughhhh, we thought!). She also brought in a piece of skin that one of the snakes had shed. We thought it reminded us of bubble wrap. Most of us touched the snake, and even wanted to hold it!  She also showed us a photo of another snake she had at home that just laid an egg before she left home to come to see us! She said the snake still has a few bumps along its' body so it will probably lay a few more eggs.

We also went for a walk this afternoon to the Daycare playground across the street. We'll tell you more about that tomorrow!!


  1. AHHHHHH! Snakes! You all look brave! Most of the time I love to come into your classroom. I must admit, I am glad that I missed this visit!

  2. "Be brave, Mrs. Macdonell" said Nathalie.
    "My sister would have been very scared!" said Alia
    "The snakes are friendly", said Ethan D.
    "We love you MRs. Macdonell: said everybody in Room 7.