Friday, January 24, 2014

Walk like a …penguin?

We have been learning about penguins this week. The other day we brainstormed what we know about penguins.         
  • "Penguins can…."  
  • "Penguins are…."
Today we thought we would try walking like a daddy penguin who carries the egg. We found out it wasn't as easy as it looked!  Lots of giggles during this activity!

Ask your child to sing you 'The Emperor' song.


This morning we started off the day by using our imaginations to play with "pretend snow" on the tables. It even kind of "melted away" like snow eventually does!  We drove some toy cars around in the slushy snow, too!  Best of all, it even smelled pretty good! (You can try this at home, too…. all you need is some shaving cream! :))

             W is for ………..wooly mammoth and watch !!

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