Wednesday, January 8, 2014

House Groups

Today was a "House Group Day". Everyone from Grade K-5 met in their multi-grade group to play for about 25 minutes. The purpose of house groups this year include (among other things)….. giving everyone the opportunity to interact and build relationships with children from all other grades, work on social skills, sharing, communication and language skills, teamwork, confidence, etc. Each group has about 14-16 students in it and meets with a teacher leader. 
Building with "gears" in his house group

Working together in their house group to build a "Marble Race" track
We did one of our favourite activities today …. 
"Write Around the Room"

Indoor recess again!!!….. Time to get moving….. while crawling through the tunnel!

Sharing time…. J is for JackRabbit, jogging pants, Jets Jersey,  and  "Jordan" shoes

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