Tuesday, January 7, 2014


Today Mrs. Macdonnel (the Resource Teacher) visited our room. She read us a story, and we talked about how parents help their children. We learned about different kinds of emotions. We talked about how sometimes we can make choices to be frustrated and grumpy, or decide to move on to something else that keeps us in a "happy place".

"Look!  I made this Canada dinosaur!"  

These girls used their teamwork and communication skills to build this structure

Sharing Time this week……. Show and tell us about something that starts with  the /J/ sound… as in J in January

Looking for treasures hiding in the "snow bin".  "I spy……"

Today we had a visit from some dancers from Lincoln School. They helped promote a new fundraiser that our school is participating in this month.  The fundraiser will support the Heart and Stroke Foundation. All classes will have the opportunity to participate in some kind of dance activity this month. Students are encouraged to bring in pledges to support this fundraiser. Everyone will be receiving a t-shirt for participating. There are some awesome prizes available for fundraisers as well. Check out the package of info. coming home today!

enjoying the dances

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