Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Mitten Math

Today our Star of the Week shared her poster and showed us some photos. We enjoyed reading her favourite book "Little Miss Whoops!"

We did some mitten activities today. 
 Everyone got their mittens or gloves from their locker. 
  • We sorted them into groups -- gloves vs. mittens vs. bare hands. We did a tally chart to keep track of each group. We had more mittens than gloves in our classroom. (And one person came to school with bare hands.)
  • One game was called "Guess My Rule". We had to guess why some mittens were chosen to go in the hoola hoop and some were not. 
  • We read the books "The Mitten" by Alvin Tresselt and "The Missing Mitten Mystery" by Steven Kellogg. (Yesterday we read "The Mitten" by Jan Brett.)
  • We did some mitten activities on the Smart  Board.

       Guess the rule....(Sorting mittens according to colour)

          Making patterns with mittens on the Smart Board

     .........Guess my Rule.........Why are these items in the hula hoop and the other peoples' things were not included?

    Two people remembered to bring something for Sharing today. Good job, girls!

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