Wednesday, January 29, 2014


Today was the highly anticipated dance-athon. It was a fundraiser for the Heart and Stroke Foundation. Our school raised over $9000 --- WOW!!  What a great donation to Heart and Stroke.  The sponsors of this event provided a prize for the top fundraiser in the school (who raised over $800 himself) and a few random draws for anyone who had brought in donations. Everyone received a free t-shirt, compliments of the event sponsors. Thank you to everyone who brought in donations for this worthy cause.
     Move it, Shake it, Groove it …. Dance 4 U

    Dancing in the gym --- a good way to keep our hearts healthy

This is the combined Kindergarten and Grade One dance presentation...(4 classes dancing together)

Everybody--- let's dance!!!!!!!!!!!!  Stay heart healthy!

              Sharing time..... S is for soccer ball

This morning we were painting with watercolours. It is the first step in one of the art projects we are doing.

At centre time today, this student starting connecting blocks together in groups of 10. Then she discovered if she had 3 groups of 10, she could easily and quickly count by tens to  know she had 30 blocks--- without counting every single block. This then led her to decide she could quickly count 100 blocks by making more groups of 10 and counting by tens.  When she had 10 groups of 10---- she knew she had 100 blocks!  WOW!  


  1. Counting by tens. WOW! EXCELLENT JOB!!!
    Loved watching you dance. Looked like a lot of fun.
    No snow here, but sure feels like it could snow. Warmer weather on the way. YEAH.
    Mrs. Grant's Auntie Connie In Texas

  2. Had a blast watching all I you dance your little hearts out today!!! Great job everyone!! - Tayanna's mom
    P.s. the teachers did a great time too!!!

  3. HI. thank you for the comments. We had fun dancing! We liked watching the teachers dance to "What does the fox say?". It was fun to watch them.
    From Room 7