Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Math stories, Earth Day Bingo, and more!!

Well, for those of you who read our blog every day, I just wanted to mention that we had no internet service at school for Monday and Tuesday,  but everything has been fixed - so time for a blog post today. I am including photos that I took these past 3 days. 
Students in Room 7 are learning to create their own number stories -- when they only have the answer to go by. And they are doing an awesome job.
For example...Mrs. Grant said the answer is "5".... so this boy showed us and told us... 
"the boy had 3 teddy bears, and he got 2 more for his birthday, so now he has 5 teddy bears and 3+2=5"

For this story, the answer is "10".   So he told us his story was "The boy had 10 blocks, then he donated 6 of them, so he had 4 left, and 10 - 6 = 4"

The answer is "4". Story...."The boy had 1 star, then he got 3 more stars, now he has 4 stars and 1+3 = 4"
Answer = 4.....Story...."the girl had 3 teddies, then she got 1 more for her birthday, so now she has 4. and 3 + 1=4"
The answer is "10".... story... "The boy had 5 dogs, then he got 5 more, so now he has 10 dogs!!  and 5+5=10"
Music rehearsal... for Music Monday (please refer to the note sent home yesterday for more info.)
Yesterday we made our own version of Earth Day Bingo...... and Today we played BINGO!!
Dance Class with Mrs. Kaczmarz today...
We had Library class on Monday...
Sharing time.... for Tuesday and Wednesday.
You are invited to....


  1. You kids are amazing with the math stories. I'm so proud of you.
    Reading your blog down south in Texas

    1. Hello. Thank you for the nice compliment! We are getting really good at doing math stories.
      Have a good day.
      From Room 7