Wednesday, April 12, 2017


Today our school practiced a LOCKDOWN.  The lockdown was called just before the end of  lunch recess. Because the students were already outside, they were directed to go to a safe designated location just north of the school playground. Everyone moved to the north side of Bord-Aire Community Centre and waited until we were informed it was "safe" to return to school. (Earlier in the year we practiced a lockdown inside the school, too).
After the lockdown, we walked back to school and stopped in front to talk about our "Little Free Library". You are all invited to stop by and take a book or two home to read. When you are done with it, pass the book(s) along to someone else, or return the book(s) to this library. Then take another book or two home to enjoy. Repeat. You can never read too many books. And one of the best way to learn to read is to listen to reading when you are a beginning reader, and then to practice reading!!

"Write Around the Room" time... (some kids were asking a couple days ago if we could do this activity.... and another student was overheard today saying "I LOVE doing write around the room!)

This morning, all the classes participated in an hour of math games. We had four students from the Grade 4/5 class come to our classroom and lead us in some math games. Some of the games involved solving number sentences, such as.... 4+3, 5+1, 2+2, 10-1. Another game had everyone passing a ball a certain number of times. There was also a "give a high-5" game, too. The kids really enjoyed the games. Ask your child to tell you all about it.

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