Wednesday, April 5, 2017

Before and After

The number is 27. The challenge.... is what numbers come before and after?
Number 17 out of blocks

Library today


  1. Hello Kindergarteners!

    That smartboard looks like a lot of fun! Good job figuring out the number sequence! What book did you get read to you during Library? Also what are some of your favorite books? Can't wait to see the exciting activities you do next! 😊

  2. Hi, We have fun using the Smart Board. Miss Janzen, the librarian, read us a book called "Chicken Big". It was a funny book! We like books by Robert Munsch, and we like Piggy and Elephant books, too! Thank you for the comment, and we are wondering who wrote this comment. ??
    From Room 7

  3. Hi Room 7!
    I'm glad you enjoyed your funny story during Library! Robert Munsch is a great story teller! I enjoy seeing all the great photos of you all in your class.
    -Parker's Mom....Mystery solved! 😊

    1. Hi. Thank you for writing us some comments. We like that you solved the mystery for us! Please leave us a comment on some other day, too! Have a great weekend!
      From Room 7