Thursday, April 20, 2017

Earth Day

Today is (almost) Earth Day! It is actually on April 22nd, but since we aren't at school on Saturday, we learned about it today!. Almost all the lights were turned out in the school and classrooms as we learned more about "Earth Day". We spent some of the day outside to take advantage of the natural light and clean up some of the area around the school, too! 

Here we are after getting on our gloves-- ready to go clean up around the school. The kids couldn't believe how much garbage was on the school property, and couldn't understand why people would not use the garbage cans/recycle bins. Also disappointing to see SO many cigarette butts on the grass!!
The street was getting cleaned in front of the school, so that provided a bit of a distraction for a couple minutes. We talked about the signs and the orange triangular shaped objects  on the trailer, and waved at the workmen, too. 
Then back to work!!
We threw our garbage in the big garbage bin, then stopped for a group photo along the fence.

Then we spent the next few minutes at the play structure!
We only have one little window in our room, so it is very dark in our class. We found a brighter space to read a few stories about Earth Day. The elevator area provided just the spot for that!  (we did turn on the one lamp we have to enjoy centre time in our room)

We talked about how great it is that everybody in our class has a lunch kit -- which is able to be reused every day!!  We noticed that many kids have reusable containers in their lunch kit, too, which is great!!  ... we love seeing those little reusable containers with yogurt, crackers, fruit, rice, etc..... and it is nice to see  the thermos bottles with milk or water, and the hot food thermos with your lunch!!   Let's see if we can cut back on how many plastic baggies we see in Room 7 lunch kits!
Sharing Time

REMINDER:  Teacher Inservice tomorrow. NO school for kids.... just for teachers!

have a great weekend!


  1. Hi Room 7!
    Great job with helping clean up the school yard! It is so sad that there was so much garbage!! What are some things you can do at home to help with waste? Such as water, electricity and garbage?? I would love to hear your ideas! 😊

    -Parker's Mom

  2. HI. That is a good question! Some of our ideas are...
    * We can turn off the water when we are brushing our teeth.
    * We can turn off the t.v. and play outside.
    * We can keep water cold in a water cooler - instead of letting the tap run to get cold water.
    * We can Turn off the lights when we leave a room.
    * We can use reusuable containers in our lunch kit.
    * we can put things in the blue recycle bins - instead of throwing recyclables in the garbage!
    We are going to try and do all these things.

    Sorry that Parker is sick today. We missed him at school.
    Thank you for the comment.
    From Room 7